Nice Dream Truck

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The Nice Dream Truck by Beth Ferry and illustrated by Bridget Barrager (HarperCollins March 2021) is a fictional picture with the fun symbol of an ice cream truck as the deliverer of wonderful dreams. With a natural rhyme and rhythm, the book reads well as a bedtime story or a read aloud and everything in between. Fun and bright pastel tones highlight a diverse group of children as they float through child-wonderful dreams.

As the book begins, children approach the “nice dream truck” to select from a few different tubs of “ice cream” that are filled with things like ballet slippers, stars, jewels, and trophies. Subsequent pages of rhyme take children through many dream options, with fantastical illustrations of the children. As can be expected, each spread also has some delicious ice cream treat drawn into the picture, like cones or popsicles.

This is a whimsical and fun bedtime story with a strong emphasis on the concept of choosing your own unique dreams. In this imaginative world, the kids are in charge of it all.

Reviewed on June 8, 2023

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