Ten Rivers that Shaped the World by Marilee Peters and Kim Rosen

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Ten Rivers that Shaped the World by Marilee Peters and Kim Rosen (Annick Press, April 2015) is a delightful children’s nonfiction book about the significance of ten rivers on the history of the world. The rivers chosen are not necessarily the most influential or the most interesting, but together the histories provide a well-rounded overview of world history and impact of rivers on the development of history.

The rivers discussed in the book include the Awash, Tigris & Euphrates, Rhine, Amazon, Thames, Mississippi, Ganges, and the Yangtze. Of these, I had never heard of the Awash River in Ethiopia, which is no longer a large river and runs through the desert. Nevertheless, the bones found along the river banks give clues to human development and early civilizations. This chapter, which was about such an unfamiliar place, got me all the more excited to learn about the other rivers in the book. The chapters throughout include both illustrations and photographs, and special information pages have graphical silhouettes to provide variety. It is an attractive book to read through, in addition to be so very interesting! A one-page glossary of river terms, sources, and full index are also included at the end of the book.

I highly recommend this for kids interested in history and anthropology, as well as anyone interested in the subjects. I love how kids nonfiction provides a fascinating overview of topics, and this book was no exception.

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Reviewed on April 24, 2015

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