The Declaration of Independence (A True Book)

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The Declaration of Independence (A True Book) by Elaine Landau is a straight-forward nonfiction picture book, but I have to highlight it because the “True Book” series produces notable nonfiction that is both comprehensive and attractive. When I see a “True Book,” I know I’ll find a clear explanation of a subject, combined with a bright layout with plenty of white space, clear illustrations and photographs, and sidebars, arrows, and other graphics to draw attention to trivia and surprising facts.

This volume about the Declaration of Independence is no exception. The book has an annotated Table of Contents, short chapters, an index, a glossary, and further reading suggestions as well. There is plenty of space between lines. Photo captions point are given in a different typographic face.

The details about the Declaration of Independence are also thorough. There are totally random facts that I learned from this book (such as that there is a “mysterious handprint” on the parchment copy). I particularly love the two-page vertical spread that explains the Declaration of Independence: if I were teaching in a classroom, this is the sort of “poster” I’d want my students to see to get a better concept about the content and reasons behind the writing of the Declaration. The book wonderfully ties together the concepts, reasons, and history behind the Declaration of Independence.

Reviewed on June 26, 2024

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