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I’m new to blogging giveaways. I have some books that I was going to mooch via Bookmooch but I then I thought I’d give them away on Rebecca Reads! (Bookmooch doesn’t seem to have any of the books I want anyway.)

However, when I mentioned this to my husband, he thought that was a strange idea. After all, these are used books. Some of them are Dover Thrift Editions (brand new and in great shape but very generic and ugly) and some of them are older. But, some are hardcover. (See my Deathly Hallows giveaway.)

Do you, as readers, care about a “thrifty” binding? Do you care how “used” a book is? I know, I prefer a nice hardback myself, but….

I’ll take a survey so you can be anonymous if you want. Only one choice, because I want to know your first preference or expectation when you join a blog giveaway. Feel free to make an anonymous comment, too. (I will delete spam.)

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Reviewed on September 17, 2008

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  • Whenever I give a book away that came from my own collection, you can bet it’s used. I also shop the thrift stores and sometimes pick up a book to give away. I always choose books though that aren’t too shabby and look like new.

    As for me, 99% of all the books I own, I bought used, so I don’t mind them in the least.

  • I wouldn’t mind receiving a used book at all. I buy a lot of my books used, or get them from Bookmooch, and as long as they don’t look like they’re falling apart I’m perfectly happy.

    About Bookmooch: books that are very sought after are almost never immediately available, but if you add them to your wishlist sooner or later you’ll be able to mooch them. Bookmooch demands patient, but I find it very worthwhile in the end.

  • Most of the time, I would do anything but pay full price for a new book! But I also don’t have a lot of space, so I try to resist the temptation to even buy (or win!) cheap used books, even though I have no problem with them. The library is the place for me!

  • I’ve given away almost all used books! As long as they’re in good condition, I don’t see a problem. When bloggers give away new books, I assume it’s a publisher/author promotion thing.

  • All of the books I’ve given away have been used in that I’ve read and reviewed them. Everyone seems happy. If I were to give away a “visually” used book, I’d mention it. In the end, a giveaway means a free good read (hopefully), so who really cares? I would never turn a way a good book, well loved or not.

  • My monthly giveaways are based on the concept that they’re used. Readers can select any book from my TBR list, and the winner gets the book when I’m done. But if a book were really shabby I’d mention it.

    I agree with Nymeth about Bookmooch. Waiting often pays off. I’ve had good luck getting a couple of older books you just can’t find in stores anymore and one book released in the UK but not yet in the US. But these great finds usually came about after the books had been on my wishlist for a while.

  • Natasha, Chris, and Eva, I tend to assume most book giveaways have been read at least once. That’s why “used” book is kind of a weird term. But still, I guess I wondered how used is acceptable for giveaways. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

    Nymeth and Teresa, thanks for the Bookmooch pep talk. I just joined, spent $50 sending out books, got tons of points, and then none of the books I want are available. Why did I spend all that money on shipping when I could go to the library for the books I want in the first place? I guess I need to be patient a bit longer.

    Chain Reader, I’m a big fan of libraries too! And I love my new library! I also am short space, hence my idea to give away/mooch away books.

    Literate Housewife, I don’t think I’d turn a book away either! Even if it were very well used (assuming, of course, that I want to read it).

  • I am very interested to see all these comments. I tried bookmooch and had moderate success. My problem is that once I decide I want to give a book away, I want it GONE. I don’t want to have it sitting around waiting for someone to mooch it.

    So I thought about giving books away on my blog, but haven’t done it yet. I usually send an email to my book loving friends and family members with a list of books up for grabs and a “first come, first served” rule. No surprise, I’ve never had any trouble getting rid of them!

    But maybe I’ll try a blog give away with some that are in decent condition (most that I give away are true “readers” copies that were well used when I got them).

  • The way I look at is if you’re giving it away, it’s free to the person receiving it. I’d rather receive a used, even worn, copy of a book for free than pay $15+ on a new copy that I’m only going to read once.

    If you mention it’s used in the giveaway, then those people who only want new books wouldn’t have to enter. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with used books!

  • Rose City Reader, That’s how I felt about Bookmooch, too. I have a box of books waiting to be mooched. I like your list of books up for grabs idea.

    Anna, thanks for the insight. I likewise hestate to buy books for so much money! Thank goodness for the library.

    I appreciate all your votes and insights. I think, for the not-too-shabby books I am willing to part with, I’ll offer on this site instead (assuming I have postage money!)

  • Personally, if someone is giving away a book I don’t care what condition the book comes in. Except if pages are missing or the book is at the point where if I pick it up, it’ll fall apart.

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