Which Switch is Which? by Sam Godwin

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In Which Switch is Which?: A First Look at Electricity by Sam Godwin (Holder Wayland, 2002; currently out of print), three mice and a moth explore a kitchen one night. The story is told by a simple line of text at the top of the page and also speech bubbles. As they are exploring, the creatures flip switches for light, and talk about the power of electricity to warm, cool, and move things.

It is basic in mentioning that electricity comes from power stations by flowing through wires, that switches turn things on and off, and that plugs connect electrical devices to the power in the house. Even though it is basic, it provides a nice overview for young readers about electricity with a highly readable tone. Safety tips come from the moth throughout the book and also follow in the end matter, which also reminds the young reader of the basic concepts touched on in the text.

Reviewed on June 11, 2024

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