Backpack Explorer: Rock Hunt

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Backpack Explorer: Rock Hunt (Storey Publishing, February 2023) is an engaging activity book for “rock hounds” on the hunt for rocks all around them. From the beginning of this photographic and colorful book, kids see creative ways to make STEAM come alive as they find and examine rocks.

Rock Hunt provides stickers for marking pages as they spot the types of rocks described. Rocks are often differentiated by size (sand, pebbles, and boulders) and appearance (black rocks, striped rocks, sparkly rocks), and still others by where they are found (river rocks). In addition, illustrations diagram the rock cycle, types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous), and even various types of landforms. Another few pages discuss minerals and gemstones, along with a Mohs hardness scale.

Just writing out what is included shows what a comprehensive look at the rocks aspect of earth science Rock Hunt can provide for children. It would be perfect to grab before going hiking or exploring at a lake. The scavenger hunts will keep kids busy while you are on such a vacation.

As a home educator, I also must suggest that Rock Hunt would work well for your own rocks science unit. There so much in there, and it’s just right for early elementary ages. If you have older children, use the educational pages as a jumping off point for exploring the other aspects of rocks that appeal to you and your children. There is a lot to explore and rocks sure look more fun than you might expect.

I read a digital review copy of Rock Hunt.

Reviewed on February 15, 2023

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