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(I apologize for the double post today. I thought I could post this tomorrow but apparently, it needs to be up tonight in order to count for the swap.)

Welcome to the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop!

The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop is hosted by Leeswammes here. Between now and Wednesday, June 29th, you can hop to over 70 different book blogs, all offering one or more giveaways of books or bookish items. All books will be literary (non)fiction or something close to that. Follow the links at the bottom of this post to find the other participating blogs.

I had really wanted to send you a book of your choice that I have read/reviewed on this site, but my budget won’t allow that right now. Instead, I have three lightly used books I that I’m willing to share with you!

Anyone around the world can enter the giveaway, although no more than one winner will be from out of the USA. I am so sorry to be stingy like that, but like I said, the budget wouldn’t be happy.

The books are:

  • To Be a Slave by Julius Lester, Mass Market Paperback edition (reviewed here)
  • Silas Marner by George Eliot, Dover Thrift Edition (reviewed here)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (reviewed here)

You’ll note that Silas Marner wasn’t a favorite of mine; I much preferred Eliot’s Middlemarch. But is is much shorter, and may be a good starting place with Eliot.

If you want any of these books, please fill out the form. As I mentioned, I’m happy to send one book to a non-US address; the other two will have to be USA addresses. Giveaway ends June 29. I’ll contact winners by email.

Click here to enter the giveaway

Giveaway now ended.

ETA: You are NOT entered if you only leave a comment. You must fill out the form.

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Rebecca Reid

Rebecca Reid is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mother seeking to make the journey of life-long learning fun by reading lots of good books. Rebecca Reads provides reviews of children's literature she has enjoyed with her children; nonfiction that enhances understanding of educational philosophies, history and more; and classical literature that Rebecca enjoys reading.

  1. Hi Rebecca 🙂

    I’d love the Wilde book if my name comes up!

    I’ve got a (lengthy) review and giveaway over at my place too 😉

  2. Hi Rebecca, some great choices for the giveaway! I haven’t read any of them, so I’d be more than happy with any of them! I do live in Australia though.
    Enjoying this blog hop, please stop by if you have time!

  3. Please surprise me with any of those books, I haven’t read any of them yet and I won’t be picky!

    kimie142002 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. I’d love to win Silas Marner- I’ve only read The Mill on the Floss by Eliot so far, and would love to read more! I live in the UK, just so you know!

  5. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! I wanted to share a giveaway that is going on on my blog with you:

    My mother has been sick and I never got around to signing up to participate in the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop. But I’ve started a monthly giveaway on my blog and I’ve got a June Giveaway going on this month at my blog, and I’d love to invite you to stop by and throw your name in the hat for Anna and the French Kiss! It’s a US giveaway only this month, but next month, I’ll be offering an international giveaway for a $25 Amazon card!

  6. Hello Rebecca, just popped by To say hello & extend a welcome in the hope that You will visit The Parrish Lantern & share some poetry. Thanks.

  7. I’d love to win Picture of Dorian Gray; I read it a long while back and would enjoy an opportunity to reread it. Thanks so much!

  8. Great choices (I know what you mean about budget; I had a strict debate with myself before setting my giveaway up; but for me, it’s easier and takes less time simply to place an order online and send it that way, since getting to the post office is a chore in itself) Thanks for participating and also for the chance to win!

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