The Second Coming of the Lord by Gerald Lund (audiobook)

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The Second Coming of the Lord by Gerald Lund (Deseret Book, 2020) collects and explains various scriptures and quotes from the prophets about, as the title indicates, the time when the Savior will return to the earth and reign with glory. With a personal approach to this religious topic, Lund manages to bring the difficult language and quotes into an understandable narrative about the variety of events to expect.

Since it will be a great and terrible day, of course the book’s heavy topic made it an overwhelming read. The author suggests skipping around to sections of interests. Since I listened to the audiobook (which included in the Deseret Bookshelf Plus catalog), I was unable to do that. It thus had to be approached one chapter at a time when I felt up to it.

I will say that I must revisit again to find more of the “great” aspects of this latter-day era as I feel lots of anxiety for the world in which I live today. So, I feel I’ll need to revisit this book, and others like it, with a physical/digital copy, rather than listening to the audiobook. There is so much there, I needed a little more space and time to process it. Although the narration was well done and had a friendly tone, it was just such a deep book that audio was not the best medium for approaching it.

Reviewed on April 5, 2024

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