Breaking News: Why Media Matters

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Breaking News: Why Media Matters by Raina Delisle and illustrated by Julie McLaughlin (Orca Books, May 2023) is an important nonfiction picture book for middle grade and young adult readers about the impact of media on our world today. With a visually appealing layout, real examples of kid reporters, and a mix of kid-friendly illustrations and photographs, Break News teaches media literacy to children in a world that desperately needs media literacy and common senses media discernment.

The chapters cover the history of media through time, why media makes a difference to individuals and communities, where news comes from (and what that means!), why there are issues in the press and confidence in news organization is waning, and what the reader can do, even as a teenager, to have an impact on the media around them. Wow, there is so much good stuff here! The overall impression from Breaking News is that media literacy and involvement is an important issue. Within these chapters are further break downs on issues such as “seeing is believing” (issues in a time of photoshop, etc.), how those telling the news are biased depending on who is represented in telling the news, why there are issues with “fake news” (including discussions of “echo chambers” of ideas), and how we can tell truth from fiction.

As I mentioned, the book is very visually appealing, and middle-grade and teen readers may enjoy reading straight through (which is what I did). Or, Breaking News could be a great research tool for anyone interested in the history of media, biases in news, and what we can all do to help. A glossary, list of resources, and index make it an ideal book for these needs. Kids who are interested in going into any type of media field (YouTube videos, graphic design, journalism, news reporting, etc.) will find something of value in Breaking News, as will any consumer of media (that’s everyone!).

I read a digital review copy of Breaking News.

Reviewed on May 4, 2023

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