Power Up by Shaker Paleja and Glenda Tse

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Power Up: A Visual Exploration of Energy by Shaker Paleja and Glenda Tse is a visually appealing and easily accessible book about energy for the upper elementary school and middle school student to enjoy perusing. Each page provides a huge amount of detail but the format of the pages gives the book a casual feel that gives the reader a reassurance that this is a fun book to read. Graphics, graphs, charts, diagrams, and illustrations make the abundance of information readily accessible.

Chapters include a general Introduction to Energy, Non-Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy, and the Future of Energy. Although I’m not an expert in science by any means, I had considered I understood a lot about energy and its sources and uses in the world. This book taught me a lot, and I was quite interested especially in the chapters on the future of energy.

The best reviews come from the intended audience. I gave my 8-year-old son this book a few months ago, and he read through most of it on his own, a strong testimonial to the virtues of the book as he is not always keen on reading assignments from Mom. It was a perfect introduction (and would a nice follow up) on our visit to the local children’s museum, where they had some hands on exhibits about energy.

Power Up! is certainly a great “visual” textbook for students and children interested in learning more about energy.

Note: I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.

Reviewed on March 17, 2016

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